World Consumer Alliance News

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World Consumer Alliance News

World Consumer Alliance(WCA) is  one of the best online marketing programs I have seen in a while.  I wanted to take time to update what is happening with Wealth Creation Alliance.

World Consumer AllianceWorld Consumer Alliance is experiencing serious growth and WCA is taking the necessary steps to make sure we are protected.  They been down for several days to switch their servers over to a cloud server to handle the growth.  How much have they grown since August 22, 2012 – they have grown to well over 11,000 new affiliates.

World Consumer Alliance encourages you to pull out income 0n a daily basis.  They understand the markets concerns and that is why World Consumer Alliance taking all the necessary steps to protect your earnings.

Here is the latest news from World Consumer Alliance

” Due to our EXPLOSIVE growth that we’ve had in the last 5 days, it is in the best interest to move to a more powerful server that will not limit our growth with World Consumer Alliance.

We will not accept any new orders until the new server is in place. This will give us the ability to get caught up manually with some of the orders we have in the system. For those who have made bank deposits at BOA, we will have all those entered in the next day or two. We realize that many of you will be disappointed, however, we feel that this is a major necessity to better serve you and the new customers coming into the World Consumer Alliance system.

You will still be able to log into to your respective back offices and repurchase your ad units using your existing balances, as well as withdrawal any monies that you can request from your unpaid balance. You can also sign up free members to the system. We will keep everyone informed regarding when this will be back up and functional.

We thank you very much for your enthusiasm and dedication.

To your success,

WCA Admin ”

World Consumer Alliance News

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World Consumer Alliance

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